The old city adds a delicious — Hong Kong – Sohu and Sichuan Heron 音羽かなで


The old city adds a delicious — Hong Kong – Sohu and Heron Sichuan if someone asks "Xiamen’s local landmark where?" Then the old Xiamen people will tell you "eight cities". As an important landmark in Xiamen, it carries many of the "Xiamen memory", not only that, the best choice in many local diners mind is chasing the delicacy! Here is not only the most fresh seafood, there are a variety of delicacy food stalls, Sichuan Lugang is a new fishing port, is Heron sister store, Hong Kong fishing Heron main Fujian, and Shima Kawana added on the basis of series of Sichuan, the store still continues to ride the wind style is a transformation of the old house. In eight cities and the. [Duojiaoyutou] spicy red chili, covered with tender fish meat, braved the hot fragrant aroma, in "Duojiaoyutou" has been perfect. Steamed fish is delicious to retain as much as possible in the meat, fish taste just perfect to infiltrate into the fish head, waxy soft, salty spicy, spicy and delicious Duojiaoyutou worth a try! Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce [] edible turtle itself is very high, full of collagen, braised is very tasty, fleshy tight, greasy soup can try this way. [] chrysanthemum chrysanthemum fish shape is quite unique, delicious meat in the entrance, some small, should pay attention to when eating. [turbot] makes skin salt and pepper pepper tastes particularly crisp, crisp and tender, very suitable for wine. [Lo] meat stewed pork ribs soup meat snail meat Q, pork stew soup on collocation is sweet, recommended. [sign] crispy chicken, hot food taste better. [line] have to praise their Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables home fried rice powder really delicious, even if the Fed still could not help but eat a few more. [] [steamed crab hand] [farm] [chop eel clam steamed egg soup] [?] [] [lobster laver cake Griddle Cooked Tea Tree Mushrooms] consumer Tips Name: Address: port of Sichuan Heron cross bamboo road Xiamen City Siming District No. 40. Recommendation: snail meat stewed pork ribs soup, Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce, Fried rice noodles, Duojiaoyutou相关的主题文章: