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The only real world of the sea that the identity of the tomb tomb more curious – Sohu tourism on the third day Gyeongju, gloomy weather it is, when you go out to float the rain, because always missing the magic of the sea and that the mysterious legend of Wang Hualong tomb, therefore also open to the rain Gan Pu seaside bus. Don’t go out without feeling Qingzhou so large, the bus on the road to hover over an hour to get close to the sea. In order to further confirm the drop off point, and then come up with the Korean standard map asked mother azhu. Azhu mom is very enthusiastic, constantly explain to my position in Korean, because wanted to see the sea in the tomb, so just pointing to the map of the Shanghai tomb to ask how to go. Azhu mother constantly gestures, her mean in the mountain temple can see distant gratitude, I firmly to the nearest position, she told the driver to a whisper. The bus stopped at a bus station next to the sea, azhu mom went out together, pointing to the platform the bus return time, mean return note. Finally, a pull me across the road, asked not to eat rice, I nodded, moved to look at her. Azhu mother finally pointed the waves beat against the rocks, meaning to tell this is the place where I want. "If I die please ashes buried in the East China Sea under boulders, I will be dragon to guard the country" is Xinluo thirtieth king, and the king of Jin Law sensitive words. Jin Famin is Xinluo’s sister Kim Yu sin with Prince Jin Chunqiu’s son, father and uncle were followed in the battlefield, even a long time after the war had never broken the throne, until finally destroyed Baekje and Goguryeo unified the Korean peninsula. After reunification, in the East China Sea area, the pirates still often looting chaos, and the king tried many ways are not completely subsided. Until 681 years ago by the son of God to leave word after King died. My father died, his son often miss standing on the hill overlooking her father’s tomb in the sea. Suddenly one day, there was a drifting hill on the sea, like a turtle, a small hill and a bamboo. God the king boat past a closer look, a dragon suddenly appeared, let the king bamboo flute, said that as long as the flute sounded, the world is peace. Sure enough, the flute sounded not only to God but also can guarantee good weather, disease tuidi, hence the name "million income, since the war tile Flute" king of Xinluo for many years however, Peace reigns over the land. No matter the rumor is indeed true, in Chiang mausoleum waterfront, after another vehicle stopped, people out of religious worship offerings, even thousands of years in the past, after the end of the war and strife, but people have not forgotten the being the Dragon king. The sea breeze is increasingly fierce, increasingly turbulent waves, rain bigger, bigger camera useless. But not willing to give up, had to come up with a mobile phone in the rain continue to record the magic of the water tomb. Seagulls are roaring through the waves circling in the waves of rain, the people on the shore with food and threw the air lead the flock flying rain, and there is no mean to stop, so gratitude temple and lijiantai can not continue to go, no matter how the world has always encounter karma, this magical place brought back again to read want to. Farewell to the cold wind Xiao Feng on the return bus M相关的主题文章: