The pain! Sanya police rescue workers dredging sewage wells unfortunately killed only 23 years old rosstallanma


The pain! Sanya police rescue workers dredging sewage wells unfortunately killed only 23 Sanya police to save sewage workers brave dead at the age of 23 2016-10-29 00:05:25 according to the Hainan daily news client | Hainan Daily reporter Sun Jing correspondent Luo Jia 28 afternoon, a police Sanya Municipal Public Security Bureau for assistance under the name of wells sewage workers killed. Only 23 years old. According to witnesses, the Sanya Municipal Bureau of housing and municipal emergency center temporary workers Wu Qingliu memories, today he and Wang Qing of the two to two sewage wells Sanya City East Sea of sewage dredging work. At 5 pm, wellhead pump failure, the need for artificial down the well. Wang Qing head, Wu Qingliu rear, two people down the ladder into the 3 meter deep water wells, "it is not down to the bottom, suddenly heard Wang Qing shout below," gas! Come on! "" Wu Qingliu looked back, Wang Qing complexion is wrong, fell to the bottom. Wu Qingliu immediately rushed out of the well for help. "Help! Somebody is not going to do it!" Sanya City Public Security Bureau police station police bureau Jiyang Hedong Xian Jiahui, Zhou Guanglang is on duty near, heard the call for help immediately rushed to the wellhead. Due to the lack of rescue tools, Guanglang weeks immediately to the nearby police station, fire brigade request support. But Mr Ka Fai eager to save well to save, regardless of personal danger immediately. Rescue scene. Hainan Daily reporter Wuwei photo "at the time that the police took Wang Qing to save the clothes, want to drag, but he soon fell in the bottom." Wu Qing Liu said. About 5 minutes later, the police and fire officers and men to support the scene, carrying oxygen bottles and other professional equipment down the well, will be saved Wang Qinghe Xian xian. But two people have lost consciousness. 120 medical staff on the rescue of the two, Wang Qingxian was rescued after being rushed to the Sanya Municipal People’s hospital. But Xian Jiahui has died, died.相关的主题文章: