The real reason for the Ming Dynasty’s demise was that it was too cold


The real reason for the demise of the Ming Dynasty is the cold days [Abstract] the Ming and Qing Dynasties is a part of the "seventeenth Century global crisis, and this crisis is not only the cause of global climate change, early is caused by economic globalization. Author: Li Bozhong (Tencent · US columnist): what is a "day" "records of · Xiang Ji" in the section of the Xiang Wujiang suicide account, do China history most of the people for having heard it many times. Sima Qian with an inspired passage, depicted a "fallen hero" image: "Wang Zidu not off, that the said:" I was riding since the age of eight men, who must fight, when broken, who served the strike, not defeat, then the world hegemony. However, this is the end of this war, this day of the death of me, non war crimes" Xiang Yu is stronger than death, are unwilling to admit their mistakes, but failed to blame the "day". What is the ancients said "heaven"? Is the "day" and "destiny", "heaven", in philosophical discourse today, is the law or trend irresistible. From the perspective of environmental history, it can be said that "heaven" is the natural environment for human survival. Based on this explanation, the interaction between human activities and natural environment changes can be called "human and nature"". Because the "day" represents the natural environment, and the natural environment is not defined by the boundaries of human boundaries, so the "day" is not just covering china. Because the change of the natural environment is not limited by the artificial boundaries, we must put the historical events that we study into the environmental history and the history of the world. The Ming and Qing Dynasties: Jonathan Spence impossible (Jonathan Spence) in the pursuit of "modern" Chinese wrote: in 1600 the Chinese Empire was all countries in the world the most uniform vast territory, most rich countries for the ruling experience. The vast territory of its unparalleled. At the beginning of its expansion in Russia continue to grow together history, India is the Mongols and Indians in double decomposition must be reduced to fragments, the plague and the ravages of the Spanish conquerors, once prosperous Mexico and Peru empire was pulverise. One hundred and twenty million of the population of China is much larger than that of all the European countries. In the late sixteenth Century, the Ming Dynasty seemed to have reached its peak. The cultural and artistic achievement of striking city and commercial prosperity of the printing technology, open up a fresh outlook, Chinese porcelain and silk industry development level of the same period in Europe to catch up. From Kyoto to Prague from Delhi to Paris, and there is no lack of grand ceremony and solemn ceremony, but the capital of no one to sophisticated boasts the palace comes close to Beijing. (but who did not expect the Ming Dynasty rulers) in less than fifty years will own dynasty ruined violence. The Ming and Qing Dynasties, which happened in the middle of the seventeenth Century, is an important event in the history of the world. The total strength of less than 200 thousand people, eight soldiers from the south of the Qing Dynasty, half wild northeast switch, across East Asia in just 20 years, conquered with a population of 120 million, the economy and culture in the world are in a leading position in the Ming Dynasty China. This is an impossible thing.相关的主题文章: