The soul of the dark sky city 1000 Kyushu new version highlights Preview winlinez


The soul of the dark sky city 1000 Kyushu new version highlights preview [Abstract] Kyushu series first fantasy drama "nine sky" name the new version of "Nilin boutique Webpage Game surprised dragon" will be on the line. The soul of the dark state swept thousands, today a new version of LAN, wonderful broadcasting notice! CO produced by Penguin films and film media, Kyushu series first fantasy drama "nine sky", has logged on to Tencent exclusive video broadcast; seventh avenue to build the namesake boutique Webpage Game, led the fantasy adventure game player experience! The soul of the dark state LAN swept thousands of mainland, the new version of "Nilin surprised dragon" will be on the line, soul awakening, artifact representation, independent agency operation play exposure, today a new version of the wonderful video Trailer ~ Tencent, the whole network exclusive hit! Kyushu · Sky City: a new version of "Nilin surprised dragon" [the forthcoming new play? SLG] with independent Organ Surgery Kyushu "sky" in the fantasy style and organ surgery, namesake boutique Webpage Game a new version of "Nilin surprised dragon" will go Chinese traditional and Kyushu organ surgery perfect fusion, to create original battle strategy gameplay mode. Game player needs to use a variety of resources with random events and explore the fun of "chess game", a new way of fighting, to fully demonstrate the wisdom, strength, courage, game player, luck talent experience fantasy story ~ blood [new artifact? Is the soul of the two thousand thousand soul awakening] dark swept the continent after Star LAN, Liuhua God Pei, Terran, host reproduction strong energy fluctuation… "Nine sky" name Webpage Game "Nilin surprised dragon" version, peerless artifact and new guards Horcrux both awakening, overbearing style, attribute cool special effects, new skills, strong, in the new version, game player who rush to find the artifact and the Horcrux powerful to have war a! Independent and new play chess [organ surgery New Chivalry? Two tribes, two people played master] feather Clan Wars triggered at any moment! "Nine sky" the name Webpage Game Tim new version: effective gallant handsome he moves all the people to make snap, and combat potential; a dark red outfit she double dagger galloping swiftly, the blink of an eye has taken the heads of the enemy. Two super generous gallant Kyushu assistant, who are they? The new version of "Nilin surprised dragon" as you announced! New skills show new figures show gallant gallant, is she? New fashion? The dragon and the cool edge] "nine sky" TV drama to fantasy gorgeous fashion system and stunning the audience, cool fashion boutique name Webpage Game building was opened. The new version of the upcoming Nilin surprised dragon "," dragon and blade "as the theme of fashion, the Dragon Sword domineering and sharp afresh, but not exaggerated to attract your attention, for a new fashion, you will become the most dazzling warrior battlefield at any time! Create new gameplay, new fashion gameplay, new chivalrous artifact, new fashion, a new soul is the most cool… "Nine sky" namesake boutique Webpage Game new version "Nilin surprised dragon" is about to hit, the wind, tuckahoe, Tianyi gallant invited game player adventure together, you dare to fight? Official website:相关的主题文章: