The warming of the earth is getting hotter and hotter In August this year, 130 years on the hottest


The warming of the earth is getting hotter and hotter? In August this year, 130 years on the hottest new network in September 22, the new net – according to foreign media reports, global warming appears to accelerate the trend, since the observations of the earth’s surface temperature has been rising for 16 months, but the magnitude of the warming over the last century the average record last month since more than and 130 years to become the hottest june. The United States scientific institute reported that last month was the hottest since August, and the earth’s high temperature has been sixteenth consecutive months of record. NOAA climate report shows that global land and ocean surface temperature in August of this year compared with twentieth Century August average temperature of 60.1 degrees Fahrenheit or 15.61 degrees Celsius 1.66 degrees fahrenheit. This is the highest in the 1880 to 2016 record, up from a record high of about 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit in August 2015, according to the National Institute of marine and atmospheric research, the U.S. Marine and Atmospheric Research Institute, in the United states." Analysis of the report, before August this year than in twentieth Century August before the average temperature of 57.3 degrees F or 14.06 degrees Celsius 1.82 degrees fahrenheit. This is enough to surpass the 1 highest annual record of last year, with a higher temperature of about 0.29 degrees fahrenheit. According to the analysis that the continuous high temperature across the land and sea surface is a remarkable record for 137 years the longest time of 1. The report also found that so far this year, the global temperature has reached the highest record. Africa and Asia, the average temperature in August was a record for the two places in 1910 the most since the record. According to the analysis of the United States Agency for marine and atmospheric research, a much higher temperature of the earth swallowed most of the land surface. Including Alaska, western Canada, South America, North Central and southern Africa, southern Europe, Indonesia, across parts of central, Caribbean, North and Central Asia, Australia, the local temperature are record in August this year. Burning fossil fuels has prompted this trend of rising temperatures, increasing greenhouse gas emissions that are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, according to climate scientists. El Nino in the first half of this year to the Pacific equatorial area temperature rise, and let the record high temperature increasing trend. The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of Goddard Institute for space studies published on the 12 this month also showed that 7 of this year, August is the hottest month of modern.相关的主题文章: