this welding process is greatly used to weld stainless steels and non ferrous metals like aluminum 港珠澳桥主体贯通 苏有朋斥周杰炒作


Customer Service The primary purpose behind the usage of a tig welder is to enable the operator get an improved control over welding process and this process basically uses a non consumable electrode called tungsten electrode. In todays industrial environment, this welding process is greatly used to weld stainless steels and non ferrous metals like aluminum, magnesium and copper. Being used in different industrial applications worldwide, I am going to put light on different types of tig welders to let you understand the working process of tig welder in welding processes. Basically there are five different types of tig welding machines come in the market and they are power I-tig 200, power tig 200 DX, power tig 225 LX, power tig 250 EX, power tig 315 DX are those five different types. Let us see one by one in brief and let us start with power I tig 200. Power I tig 200 has different features and benefits. The most obvious benefit is that it remains stable and facilitates feasible welding coupled with good puddle wet. Nevertheless, this welding machine is portable and lightweight with industrial capability and has adjustable welding attributes for 2t/4t operation. The pulse function is meant to bring an increase in weld quality and reduces the overall heat input and thus enabling you to easily connect the accessories and torch to this machine with quick set up. You can feasibly connect to clean power generator and can move it anywhere you wish with ease. This welding model features digital readout for precise setting of amperage controls and it has color coded controls that are very easy to find and understand. In addition, it also has ergonomic torch and accessories that are found to be ideal for use with 6800 W power generators. These tig welders have enormous capacity and can be used for different industrial applications and their light weight makes it really easy for transportation and additionally, this machine can be used in the different areas such as welding repair, motorsports, automotive, commercial maintenance, machine shops and shipyard industry. The other types have the same features as described above and vary only in few aspects. Each tig welder type is particularly designed with different settings and these welders indicate if the required current exceed due to its over current warning facility. Thus with the help of tig welders, the user can weld different metals with quality welds and this process allows for stronger and higher quality welds. Local Tool Sales is one of the UK’s cheapest supplier of TIG welders. Our products include AC DC welders for sale and other welding machines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: