This year, the number of candidates to apply for hot exams or hit a new high of 12 years shiyang


This year the number of candidates or PubMed hot hit a 12 year high in 2017 of the national entrance examination for postgraduates is hot, although the number of applicants has not been announced, but had no news on individual provinces and cities attracted a lot of attention. There are forecasts that the number of applicants for this year’s postgraduate entrance examination or will hit a new high of 12 years. The phenomenon of 1 this year for an examination of number of explosion was previously reported, the number of candidates showed remarkable increase in Sichuan entrance examination. Less than two days, the Chengdu test was looted, not reported in Chengdu only went to the field to participate in the examination of candidates. Yesterday, the Chongqing municipal education examination also issued a "on the city to apply for 2017 graduate supplement", which refers to: "the Ministry of education and the full-time and part-time postgraduate entrance examination this year, according to the Ministry of education and the unified requirements, candidates must choose residence or work, (city) test for other reasons, the number of candidates this year in Chongqing city explosion." This is illustrated in the special mention: "since before the Chongqing city set up Fashuo entrance exam register number is full, the overall adjustment, the current Wanzhou Zhaoban candidates can also receive Fashuo entrance exam candidates." – expert analysis special master increase, public examination springboard is Associate Professor Dr. Cai Fei School of Journalism and communication of Southwest University of Political Science and Law said global cause, according to the national policy, some key university graduate students enrolled in the year to expand the proportion of the number of graduate applicants is increasing year by year one. Analysis of Chongqing Normal University Institute of media teacher Xia fan, increase professional master is one of the reasons. In addition to the candidates will consider the employment problem after graduation, with the master of their own development is also gradually mature." Special master began to recruit full-time students from 2009, just a few years time, the following special fast development, with the characteristics of training objectives and applied by more and more students attention, special master by more and more people choose. Nanfang translation college teacher Li Juan said, the post demand table in the civil service examination requirements, candidates are graduate more, especially some good jobs, so I want to enter a good unit, you must first admitted to graduate. Therefore, for some students, is the reality of the civil service exam during the events they graduate, postgraduate, Graduate School to become a "springboard" to test the public". The phenomenon of 2 employment employment Chen Xinyou buffer + avoidance learning is logistics management, the decision section, and job seekers don’t have a great relationship. "Feel not many opportunities for foreign companies to send resume, have no echo, there are some companies looking for management training, but I’m not a professional management, there is no advantage." Chen Xinyou said, taking into account the employment is not optimistic, undergraduate learns quite broad, so she decided to go on a buffer was born. However, once again, she is still a bit tangled, cross professional bar, which means to give up the professional 4 years of learning. Choose this profession, worry about employment or not. Finally, she chose the logistics engineering. Chongqing University (fractional line, professional setting), a girl of the Institute of finance, said bluntly, I do not want to find a job, work it, a little late.相关的主题文章: