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Before the trip   learn some knowledge of Chinese Medicine – Sichuan channel — original title: travel before learn some knowledge of Chinese medicine for travel Chinese is nothing new, it has gradually become a part of life. "Eleven" golden week is coming, do you want to travel with the whole family? Must have done a very detailed travel plan. Travel this is a happy thing, if the accident happened on the way, but it really can not afford to hurt". At the end of July 2016, one of the most authoritative international "published in the new England Journal of medicine" magazine article "cross-border travel before medical attention matters" mentioned, there are 1 billion 200 million international travelers around the world each year, of which 25%, or 300 million people will travel in infectious disease or injury. This data must be paid attention to. In your plan is considered when traveling if unexpected accident or illness, should how to first aid? Do you have any knowledge of first aid and disease management? Is the medicine and articles prepared in the first-aid kit suitable for your trip? In fact, Chinese traditional CPR is rich and diverse, covering almost all modern first aid projects, from the "Golden Chamber" date, emergency medicine also has about the history of the 1800. In recent years, AIDS, SARS, human avian influenza and other sudden, infectious, viral diseases continue to appear, a serious threat to human health. Chinese medicine played an important role in the prevention and control of plague in history. Especially in the prevention and treatment of SARS in 2003, the safety and efficacy of Chinese medicine in the treatment of SARS has been widely recognized at home and abroad. In the "eleven" on the eve of the holiday, healthy life for you in the travel version of TCM emergency knowledge, for you to travel safely to send a medical security. A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Luo Dalun well-known traditional Chinese scholar Luo Zenggang Chinese Medicinal Research Association vice president from colds are caused by the temperature change of the body dysfunction caused by colds every person, will experience two stages: wind cold and wind heat. Cold: travel, feel cold, the body suddenly cold, can be a global perilla leaf with boiling water, after six or seven minutes you can drink, help to dispel pathogenic cold surface. This time if cough, can choose medicine tongxuanlifei pills, remember not to use cold medicine. Fengreganmao: Shuanghuanglian oral liquid. But remember, when you have a cold, light diet, not meat, otherwise it will lead to a rapid development. The stomach flu: if when traveling to the humid place, or in the summer cold, feeling cold, nose voice, sore, and severe symptoms of spleen and stomach, when using huoxiangzhengqishui. If the diarrhea, the best taking Huoxiangzhengqi pills or capsules, because this drug can be lower; if vomiting, taking the best Huoxiangzhengqi water, because it is on the side; if the vomiting and diarrhoea, both with. Jiang Tang: it is suitable for the cold and rain after chills, fever patients, Jiang Tang is not suitable for summer heat cold. Herbal tea: suitable for pharynx相关的主题文章: