Turkey sent troops to Syria the fight against Kurdish militants intended to is. punyu


Syria: Turkey sent troops to combat IS to Kurdish militants supplemented by local time on August 27th, Turkey additional tanks to Syria border. Figure IC Eastern Turkey military code named "Euphrates River Shield" cross-border military operations 27 days into the fourth day. Soil military sources said the day of the day of the use of land and warplanes and tanks, under the support of its armed opposition echoes in Syria, attacked the northern Kurdish Kurdish targets. Since the war, the army has been seized from the Kurdish armed forces and extremist groups Islamic state in the hands of 5 border towns. After the first encounter with the loss of more than 16 people do not want to disclose the name of the Turkey military officer said that the day of the two armies dispatched two F – Israeli warplanes bombed by the Kurdish armed people’s protection forces occupy a site. Kurdish side confirmed that the air strikes took place in the border town of Gela Bo Ruth, Syria, 8 km south of the village of Amar. After the air raid, the local army and its support in the local opposition armed with fire, and Kurdish armed fighting. Turkey’s official news agency Anatolia reported that two vehicles in the soil tank was rocket hit, resulting in one death and three injuries. Kurdish side said, in the vicinity of Amar village destroyed two enemy tanks, killing more than tanks. According to the Agence France-Presse said, this is the soil in 24 days this month to send troops to Syria since the first air strikes in Syria, Kurdish militants, also suffered the first loss of earth. Turkey officials will act as a terrorist operation, the goal is to eliminate the threat of Islamic state in northern Syria and Kurdish militants. Analysts pointed out that although the name of the land army, two are playing, but the focus is clearly placed in the latter. In recent years, the northern Syrian Kurdish armed force in the fight against the Islamic state in the United States under the support, a rapidly expanding sphere of influence, has the fact that autonomy in northern Syria. Turkey fears that once the Kurdish autonomous region of Syria, Turkey will have a demonstration effect of millions of Kurds, endangering the security of Turkey. Analysis of soil in the The Associated Press, chose Gela Bo Ruth and South ", because this zone is connected with the Syria northern two strategic area between Kurds, take here means that blocked the Kurdish forces in northern Syria confluence. A soil airport was a rocket attack Turkey Dogan news agency reported, the main city of southeast soil in Diyarbakir airport on the evening of 27 suffered rocket attacks, causing no casualties, the attackers suspected Kurdish militants. Governor of Diyarbakir province Hossain · Aksoy NTV told local television, shortly before midnight on the 27, four rockets landed near a police outpost outside the airport VIP lounge, all passengers and airport staff emergency evacuation to the terminal hedge, no personnel were injured, all flights are not affected. There is no organization or individual claimed the attack. Local security officials believe that the attackers may be active in this area of the Kurdish armed groups. Southeast Turkey is Kurdish inhabited areas, is the main activities of the PKK rebels in the region. The PKK was founded in 1979, agency相关的主题文章: