Wang Ou won the Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award and Lin Dan with a box – Yunnan Channel – seduc


Wang Ou won the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award"   and Lin Dan with a box – Yunnan Channel – seductive recently, Phoenix Fashion once a year "of fashion" in the ceremony held at the Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing, the site of many world-class Chinese fashion elite and hundreds of Chinese media holding together, also issued 16 fashion awards. Wang Ou was invited to attend the awards ceremony and won the "fashion pioneer award". At the ceremony, Wang Ou dressed in a white dress appearance, elegant manners, full of fairies, a big show of beauty, elegant and provocative. With natural hair and sweet charming smile, attracting countless fans of the hot. In recent years, people have been walking in the fashion beauty tall good Wang Ou is not only a number of fashion magazines, photo large pet, and fashion sense bursting with her private dressing style is obvious to people with a taste, won the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award", on Wang Ou’s fashion sense of recognition, but also for its high clothing products high grade affirmation. In the meantime, Wang Ou and Olympic badminton champion Lin Dan interactive photo, netizens have said "too seductive!" "My goddess and the male god copper mine is wonderful". Wang Ou said, very grateful to the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award" award to her, thank you for her affirmation and recognition, and also hope that the audience to continue to pay attention to their own works, also will continue to improve and exhibit the best works to the audience, thank the fans continued support. Source:     09 2016 30 August 11:49 share to: (commissioning editor Zhu Hongxia and Xu Qian)相关的主题文章: