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Cost of water electricity consumption is difficult to install home appliances dishwasher misunderstanding of the six misunderstanding of water consumption is difficult to install home appliances dishwasher misunderstanding of the six literacy

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with the continuous improvement of living standards and higher requirements for the quality of life, before we look at some very tall on the appliances products have gradually come into our lives! The dishwasher, this once is regarded by most people as high low "representative", is currently on the market incremental high in completing its gorgeous counter attack, dishwasher market began to hot, we can not help but ask, this is something really useful? Can it really clean the dishes? It is good to compare the traditional way of washing dishes

water consumption of electricity installed difficult home dishwasher six misunderstanding literacy

these problems, from the dishwasher has just entered the Chinese market since then, there has been no interruption! "There are no waves without wind., all questions must have a reason, it must be invented from the dishwasher when speaking, from the 1929 German Miller (Miele) produced in Europe the first electric dishwasher, dishwasher has been the exclusive products in Europe, Asia, Japanese home appliance has been started is to catch the" fashionable "is also very late!

dishwasher was unable to cope with Chinese cooking (pictures from the network)

and China entered the market in the dishwasher, dishwasher products of foreign brands obviously unable to cope with the kitchen Chinese The climate does not suit one., "fried, fried, cooked, fried, stew", at the same time, the major domestic manufacturers have also been unfair competition in large scale, it is the direct cause of a number to the just, Its loopholes appeared one after another. the products to the market, all the negative news of the dishwasher also reached a peak at the time, from then on the dishwasher from the high degree of concern "foreign goods" all of a sudden become a street rat, which lasted nearly 10 years!

classification of household dishwashers

today, with some foreign brands launched a variety of family eating habits for Chinese dishwasher products, and domestic manufacturers have also continued to force in the dishwasher technology research and development, the dishwasher market is being ushered in the new development opportunity! According to the purpose of the dishwasher to be divided into commercial dishwashers and household dishwashers, today we mainly discuss the home dishwasher, home dishwasher classification and working principle! Back to today’s theme, dishwasher really have so many ills? What is the trouble to buy a dishwasher or find peace of mind? Today, we start from the six most concerned about the problem, to know you are not familiar with the dishwasher!

– stubborn stains don’t wash the net?

dishwasher is bound to washed up the dishes, even if the most basic point >