We have come to the Thirteen version of Yuan Hong Ye really seem to scream after Sohu Entertainment ssdao


"We have come to the" Thirteen version of Yuan Hong Ye really seem to scream after – "we have come to the" entertainment Sohu discovered a replica of " thirteen, "   Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "we have come to the" Friday show, guests at Chengdu academy to appreciate ancient ancient color by the puppet show the audience’s praise. The program group will artists classic role made puppets, presented to them as a gift, let the guests have exclaimed almost as like as two peas. Yuan Hong even said that even the body of the puppet material, are restored to the same extent as their own costumes at that time. Big face little puppet skill spit fire all win in "we have come to the" sixth phase of the program, not only the powerful backing of the supermodel Zhang Liang and members of Minmeng pet panda, and the Chengdu Academy for the guests presented wonderful performances of three Sichuan puppet artists. We see in the show, three artists should control the Sichuan puppet rubeishizhi, puppet in their hands as if there is life, neat walking, turned around just as Sichuan Opera actor general transform facebook. Just a few minutes, the three artists have frequently resorted to a puppet face stunt, brilliant performances attracted guests exclaimed. In addition to the face, the most wonderful three artists performing in part to spit fire puppet. In the passionate music, the three puppets each a mouth straight chin, poured a foot long flame, strength reduction in Sichuan Opera fantastic flame performance, make close watch the audience screaming. For the guests presented such wonderful performances of the three artists are also non material cultural heritage, but also participated in the CCTV Spring Festival gala. This high strength stage, little puppet appeal of this will be not at all surprising. After suffering a miniature version of "thirteen," Yuan Hong exclaimed "really like" wonderful puppet show, guests received a gift Swiss classic role — from the program group to restore the height of coffee appeared in puppet. The first appearance of the "White Snake" has let guests and Angie Chiu himself have a high degree of surprise for the reduction, the subsequent appearance of "Invincible Eastern", "spring", "Thirteen God" and other guests of the classic role image and again attracted all the idols exclaimed. Yuan Hong is even said that even the clothes on the body of the material, and he was playing when the thirteen Ye costumes really like". After the guests saw their puppets are love, have picked up the puppet to the presence of professional actors for the puppet puppet manipulation method, second learn humility "pupil". Show concern on the network of netizens said "to see the puppet version of white snake, beauty to cry", more "talent powder" with the poem in the comments: "the future without stunning! Pleasing is a beauty! Beautiful appearance! Surprise for the world!". In "we have come to the" show, the ingenious combination of a major bright spot throughout down from the first period to now is the local traditional culture and modern entertainment, this period in Chengdu, since ancient times, such as wine generally leisurely and comfortable over the screen, then at the next station.相关的主题文章: