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We miss Xia Meng, miss what? Sohu culture channel Xia Meng starred in the movie "the wedding night" a few years ago, scholars of Maojian director Xie Jin’s "women’s basketball five" have an interesting analysis, she thinks the movie heroine room is a continuation of the beautiful orchids in Shanghai left wing film traditional logic, it is a "crude charming" socialism aesthetics. But in the days after the revolutionary practice increasingly radical, such aesthetics denied. I think there is some kind of incompatibility between the middle class and Xia Meng’s beauty and the increasingly radical revolutionary practices of the mainland. The history of Shanghai scholar Zhang Jishun in "isolated in a special imagination" wrote, in early 1950s the people of Shanghai through Hongkong to Shanghai with the old left-wing film old, Xia Meng starred in the movie "the first night" in Shanghai "to cause a meter, six days and six nights for the night" event. But after 1963, Hongkong left the mainland film market also completely withdraw. The Malaysia writer Zi An’s "dream midsummer: Xia Meng’s movie and the book of life", wrote the mainland directly affect the political climate for the Xia Meng film career. In 1964, there is no film Xia Meng throughout the year. At the end of 1965 to complete the "white-collar" after the shooting stopped again for a year. 1966, when the Cultural Revolution began shortly after Xia Mengyu resigned and was detained. However, the "Cultural Revolution" leftist forces gradually penetrated into the film industry, followed by the outbreak of the "May storm" incident, Xia Meng finally broke away from the film in September 1967, and quietly left Hongkong. At that time, Hongkong had served as the sole representative, by left-wing filmmakers Mao Zedong met with Xia Meng, for how to view the radical revolution in the mainland? Has she realized that the left wing she represents is no longer compatible with the country’s increasingly radical left? In the mainland, is equivalent to the value of another famous actress Wang Danfeng seems to face a similar dilemma and Xia Meng Yan, Wang Danfeng belongs to the city public class beauty how to find their own position and their roles in film aesthetics increasingly in the rural? In the film "the female barber", "nurse diary", Wang Danfeng is also out of the cinema.相关的主题文章: