Wenzhou man in the middle of the night the driver of the car to a remote section of the road to do s darren hayes


Wenzhou man in the middle of the night the driver of the car to a remote section of the road to do such a thing will be due to the credit card overdraft repayment, but no money at hand to do? Suspect Lu Mou (male, 30 years old, Anhui Lingbi county) unexpectedly thought to rob. The evening of November 24th, on suspicion of robbery was arrested by the Wenzhou police in accordance with the law,, criminal detention. November 19th morning, Ouhai District of Wenzhou city streets Guo Xi Wen Qu Xi Lu Tian Bian a remote section of knife robbery occurred. A middle-aged woman was robbed of a left (44 years old, Hunan, Shaoyang), a left to drive electric tricycle passenger operations for the industry. That night, a male passenger on her car and asked her to move on the road, passing through the remote section of Wen Qu Xi Lu, man left a parking, and flashed a knife, robbed of their personal cash only 500 yuan. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately carry out investigation. November 24th, Ouhai police arrested a suspect in the possession of a rented house in the streets of the river, a trial, Lu confessed the crime facts. Originally, a deer not long ago with a credit card overdraft money, bought a 7 Apple mobile phone, the mobile phone to a friend in front of the deer pocketed the face, but the overdraft bank accounts must be paid, and some have a deer and not enough money, think over and over again, a deer even think to rob. 19, that day, he prepared a fruit knife, intended to rob the driver of the rub, because it is a separate crime, he did not dare to start the male driver, they look for female drivers, and finally took a left. Now suspects have been detained by the police according to law, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: