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What is it that controls your success and failure in the interview? 1 green sound: the head Hello, today we are going to talk about the topic "interview". The interview is a new topic, because many people are not very likely to interview. We might be able to put on a nice suit and make a nice resume before the interview, but it doesn’t seem like it will help. What is in control of the success and failure of the interview? Colonel: two of us have interviewed a lot of people, but also hired a lot of people, we have been interviewed, we have a lot of experience to share with you. First, I’m going to talk about a very interesting interview. A few years ago, the headhunter helped me find a HUAWEI executive to interview my company, but in the end I didn’t hire him. What is the reason? Very simple, I asked him a question: "HUAWEI such a famous company, why did you leave?" He said a word, let me very surprised, "Colonel, in your opinion, HUAWEI is a very good company. But in our HUAWEI insiders, HUAWEI sucks." I think that since he can say that HUAWEI rotten, and we are such a small company in his eyes, it is certainly a rotten company. I’m not going to hire people like that. Green Sound: in your heart, this man’s arrogance, to reveal his arrogant, Yangaoshoudi? Colonel: not only that, from a psychological point of view, everyone has his own model, he will be like HUAWEI, and so will we. I will see a person’s growth model, the growth model is generally a character, character determines a person’s fate. HUAWEI such a famous company, he will see something wrong with it, think HUAWEI sucks, we must have some place to do better than HUAWEI, decided he would pick his mode of our company’s problems, our company would like to dissatisfaction, such people where are the same. This is a human model. Qing Yin: so, he is always in the state of critical of others. Right? Head: yes. 2: Colonel, Yin Qing hired what you usually do? Let the head to say his standard, want to go to one psychological interview, you can get ready. Colonel: my standard is actually very simple – just look at a person’s model. A person is not able to do big things, focusing on his model. The so-called pattern, is his character. For example, in the investment of a psychological, my partner Wei Qiang touched me with what? He is a psychology professional, and I talked about: psychological people live too hard, psychological people are generally to help others, but their next meal where to eat do not know. And he has an ideal, want to create a platform, so that the whole world of psychological people can live a good life, and then to help others. His words deeply touched me, because he not only see their own needs, but also to see more of the needs of others, the psychological needs of peers. In other words, when a person has this model of Psychology – psychology can hold more people, you can do great things. Green Sound: that is to say, he is a)相关的主题文章: