Who is more romantic than Zhang Jizhong and Wei Xiaobao widcomm


Who is more romantic than Zhang Jizhong and Wei Xiaobao? The Sina entertainment column boiled the land of oyster yesterday afternoon entertainment suddenly lively up again, suddenly the news leaked, said the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed her and Zhang Jizhong’s son Xiao Qi, two people have been trying to possess Zhang Jizhong as president of the company’s property in discipline culture. But then the two people held a media briefing reporters, is that this would make the story again reversed, only two people have hooked together, but Zhang Jizhong’s private life is very bad, not only have a mistress, even children are born, this can really make people do fall glasses. Before the rumors are true? As everyone knows, "the first Chinese television producer" Zhang Jizhong and his wife fan Xin man was 18 years old, before this, Zhang Jizhong had a marriage, so it is fan Xin man Zhang Jizhong "second spring". Versatile fan Xin man "is the general director of the six session of the China moved", and also writing a book, is a rare talented woman, she and Zhang Jizhong is talented with "only" congenial. Why is this just a couple of years before the marriage was optimistic about the exposure of such a scandal? What happened? Maybe this is about one of the works of Zhang Jizhong, the 2008 "Luding Ji", this is love and love to play the director seems to guide in this drama is not as what role, originally did not think too much, after all, a lot of Jin Yong as he made products, although some do not shoot good, but some can still go on. Perhaps this is he now wanted to come to regret, linked to some conditions in reality, is now his wife to experience life, in order to let everybody understand his difficulties had imitated Wei Xiaobao’s every word and action? Say that even Zhang Jizhong himself did not believe it? Speaking about his private life, Fan Xinman thinks Zhang Jizhong "a mess", there is a small 31 year old girlfriend surnamed Du, the other side also often show some traces in the circle of friends with photos. "Zhang Jizhong’s friends all showed me the circle of friends." Fan Xinman said Zhang Jizhong is the Spring Festival this year after the divorce, may be determined with the relationship between the woman surnamed du. In addition, Zhang Jizhong also has a three year old bastard in the United states. As for the entertainment actress and the unspoken rule of rumors, she also not to say yes or no. Fan Xinman revealed that Zhang Jizhong often escapades, he had thought about divorce, I put five years in order to keep him going." Her friends often send messages to her, said to see Zhang Jizhong and other women. Some people have witnessed Zhang Jizhong with a female access Ali club. The fan Xin man also showed reporters a friend of WeChat, the other said to her: "that meet a woman, feel very strange." In her interview, the company has been sent to colleagues and friends to support text messages, said she would always stand on the side. People often say "i.once", from the couple to see clearly only hatred, want to step into the other eighteen floors underground, no half silk feeling of husband and wife, originally think)相关的主题文章: