Why Rising Unemployment Needs Revamped Recruitment Software 李晓霞公布恋情 男子路边中箭受伤


Business Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the middle of the Siberian tundra, you will be almost painfully aware of the current economic climate and the knock on effect that the recent financial events have had on day to day living, and job security in particular. The news at the turn of the New Year was full of headlining stories about some of the most well known high street stores going in to receivership. Currently the death knoll has tolled for Woolworths, Wedgewood, Zavvi – formerly Virgin, and Officers Club to name but a few. Heavy industry is also suffering major losses in the job sector, and the story looks set to stay the same for the near future. This means that the streets of the UK will be full of people seeking employment, and recruitment agencies alongside human resource managers are going to feel the strain of a major increase in job applications. Many of the applicants and would be workers are going to be highly skilled individuals that have found themselves in a compromising position not because of their capabilities but because of adverse circumstances beyond their control and sorting this information is a tough task. Categorising the skills of prospective candidates requires managing a complex system where the relative information needs to be cross referenced with jobs that are available. For agencies that also manage the work schedules of agency workers, this is complex system indeed and requires careful management that is difficult to coordinate manually. Thankfully there are recruitment software solutions available to cope with such tasks, and there are plenty out there that can be tweaked to create a bespoke package tailored to an agency’s or company’s needs. Ideally the software should be able to categorise what is known as Human Capital, the wealth of knowledge and talent within a group of people or an individual and then cross reference this with the specification set out by the company wishing to employ more staff. Psychological, intellectual and physical attributes all play a part in building up a profile of a job seeker and analysing their potential value within a working environment. When this is combined with applicant tracking, it is possible to narrow down the suitability of a selection of candidates and find the right person for the job efficiently. By creating a more efficient system in candidate sorting, a recruitment agency will not only maximise its volume potential, but will increase its profits too. By using the right software system that yields a successful result in a shorter time than a competing company, an agency will find itself in greater demand than its competitors. Ultimately and one could argue, ironically, if companies that specialise in the job sector do not keep up with the times and update their recruitment software programmes, then they too are in danger of becoming another casualty of the economic downturn. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: