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"Wraith" basement officially released Trailer changed files in November 25th – Sohu entertainment "basement" Wraith changed files 11.25 entertainment Sohu directed by Zhou Guangxing, starring Chen Meihang, Ni Xinyu, Cai Aojun, Dong Ziwu, Mo Qiwen, Wei, Liu Yang, Miao Qing, Han Feng, Liu Hanqin in the horror movie "Wraith basement" recently the first notice, announced the November 25th release to change the file. Ni Xinyu and the "ghost" Chen Meihang, Cai Aojun "old fox" composed of the spy group as the main line, the trailer about they explore a series of strange mystery thriller, a murder occurred in the process of truth horror event. Appear in the notice "HYAKKI death" is brought to the audience to express the feeling of suffocation. Dusty Yuanhun, staged in the horror films "Wraith" basement in November 25th national release. In the official version of the exposure of the notice, the exposure of a series of suspense thriller picture. Night night, the sick woman was no evil soul lethal cable. Gloomy basement under the shadow of the grudge, skull alone huminghuan corridors, dusty scattered. The mystery of deception is the spirit of darkness, lying in the morgue creatures devastated leprosy female, underground maze and fight evil life, reveal the image style story and highly visual impact of the film burning brain suspense. "Wraith" basement since the end of the period of the Republic of China real treacherous legend, the creative team for the reproduction of history, careful investigation and visits for the first time the elegant prose, exorcism, old house, deception, murder mystery and other bizarre horror elements into the history of the Republic of China. The film "basement" around the Wraith played by Ni Xinyu Liu Shaoyan, who played with Chen Meihang, Su Liying launched Cai Aojun’s veteran, played by Liu Yang after a four man, "ghost", the four were involved in a murder case, in order to find out the murderer in prison to rescue a friend, Ni Xinyu Chen Meihang, Cai Aojun led to a gloomy the Welfare Institute (original Japanese sanatorium) searching for clues, only to have been involved in the mysterious underground chamber, where they experienced a series of difficult to resist the supernatural events. Horror movie "the basement" Wraith on November 25th national release.相关的主题文章: