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Xiamen tomorrow temperatures will rise in temperature or to the end of October officially fall (Figure) yesterday, Xiamen appeared cool rains. Reporter Chen Lijie photo Xiamen Hercynian morning news (reporter Ceng Haoran correspondent of the Xiamen Cheung) yesterday morning, the sky is very lively, staged a "wind + rainstorm + cool weather drama. It is understood that the Xiamen meteorological observatory yesterday morning 9 when re issued a rainstorm warning (rainstorm warning level Four) and issued a gale warning (sea gale warning level Four). Xiamen the day before yesterday night to yesterday morning, there was a heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rain process. In addition to the impact of wind and rain, under the impact of cold air, the temperature yesterday, Xiamen diving. Yesterday morning at about 8, Dongdu meteorological station temperature of 21.4 degrees, compared with the day before yesterday morning at about 10 to 29.4 DEG C, the day fell to 8 DEG C. It is worth mentioning that, yesterday morning temperatures even lower than the day before yesterday night, the temperature "upside down" phenomenon of rare. Weather experts explained that the day yesterday, the cold air striker arrived in Xiamen, coupled with rainfall, the temperature dropped rapidly. So yesterday, the day the temperature "upside down" phenomenon. Weather experts explained yesterday, "combination package + + cool wind storm", is the nineteenth typhoon this year, "Ai Li" on the north side of East airflow and the cold air with "duet". According to the central meteorological station reported, "Aere" is expected to be 12 days ago in Hainan Island after the eastern sea weakened into a tropical depression or disappear. Although not the typhoon landed in Fujian, but it is not "Rao" in Xiamen, "Aere" on the north side of the heavy rain has spread in the coastal areas of Fujian and rapidly spread in the cold air, power, the impact of wind and rain is still great. Meteorological experts explained that the so-called inverted trough, trough on the north side of the typhoon is upside down, here is the main battlefield of the typhoon on the north side of water vapor and the cold air, often there will be amazing storm. Landing in Southern China area is often associated with typhoon trough northwards arrived in eastern coastal Xiamen, thus opened the "water splashing" mode. In their joint impact, Xiamen today will still be lower than the minimum temperature yesterday, the maximum temperature of only about 23 degrees Celsius, while there may be short-term heavy rainfall and windy weather. However, after a brief cooling, starting tomorrow, the temperature in Xiamen will start to rise, the rainfall will begin to decrease, mainly in local showers. According to the weather forecast, tomorrow’s maximum temperature will rise to 26 degrees Celsius, the day after tomorrow will be up to a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, and then occasionally will appear near the temperature of 30 degrees celsius. From the current weather situation, Xiamen to officially temperatures in autumn, at least until the end of October. [news] Quanzhou train station on 10 flooded 8 o’clock in the morning, a casual rain, causing the Quanzhou train station in front of the motor vehicle parking lot and North South Road Software Park Road a world of waters. Yesterday morning, the water has receded. According to the State Development and construction of the headquarters of the relevant person in charge of the leadership, the problem of water power station in addition to drainage facilities deficiencies, there is also a reason for the rainfall is particularly urgent. (Quanzhou special correspondent Wan Daihui) 9 trees lodging Dongshan, Dongshan County) in Zhangzhou Province相关的主题文章: