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1. Do you have website and your business is dependent on the internet? 2. Does your website go along with your current business goals and strategies? 3. Is your website not complementing your online and offline marketing efforts? 4. Is the content of your website outdated and irrelevant? 5. Do you have high visitor bounce rate? 6. Does your site rank lower in search engines? 7. Does it generate PPC leads if you have any? 8.Does your website bring enough traffic for you? If your answer is not affirmative then you have to make efforts to know how websites brings traffic for you. When your prospective customer enters his search query in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or MSN, search engines start to see the relevant websites for them. During the search, these search engines follow some rules to get appropriate results. When you know these rules of SEO and align your website accordingly then you most likely will come ahead in the eyes of these search engines. More customers will come to your site and you are likely getting more business with them. Now the question is, who will help you to know the rules of search engines and make or suggest changes in your website? They are called Search Engine Optimization consultants and they definitely will help you to improve your business this way. SEO consultants will check your website and draw a strategy to get higher traffic through SEO and other marketing techniques. When an SEO expert suggests redesigning your website according to their guidelines, you don’t say no to them and take a rigid stand anyway. You must support them and let them make changes the way they want because your website may have following deficiencies and issues from the point of view of SEO: Content Search engines work on the base of key words or text entered by a user, this means search engines will look for matching keywords on your site to pick you up. If they don’t find aligned text or keywords in the content of your site they will leave you therefore, the very first job of SEO expert is to make search engine friendly content of your site. The keyword placement, density and use of keyword synonyms are the areas where SEO will make changes. Another thing is freshness and relevancy of your content. For sake of freshness they can include news corner, blogs, etc. Titles and Tags Titles, headings, subheadings etc. should have relevant keywords so Google, Yahoo, and Bing can find them easily. URLs URLs of pages and sub pages should have relevant keywords as Google, Yahoo, and Bing prefer easy navigation of the web pages. In case of dynamic page generation like that happens with CMS you need to do coding such a way that it can generate web page URLs SEO friendly so you don’t lose your traffic. Image Optimization Images need to have alt tags so they can be searched by crawlers. They also need checking for corresponding texts for images and alt tags too. Links Proper linking of your pages must be foremost criteria for your site. If you have not good landing pages and your SEO doing hard effort to earn good weighty links for you then you may not get your traffic converted in to your prospective customers. XML Site Map Without submitting XML site map you can not get good indexation in search engines. – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: