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Yiwu couple jewelry take wings to itself stretched hands of thieves was "matchmaker" in September 21st, Jinhua Yiwu miss qiqiaoshi encounter package — all doors and windows in the house are not pry marks, but hidden in the wardrobe of four pieces of gold jewelry take wings to itself. Yiwu police after investigation mystery, Miss Bao blindsided: buy these engagement jewelry, was stolen from their "matchmaker". Last night, Miss Bao and her boyfriend Mr. Dong Shou in Yiwu City Public Security Bureau police station crowded city, and begged the police to put a "matchmaker". Four engagement jewelry take wings to itself in April this year, Miss Bao Dong and her boyfriend engaged to mr.. Dong is Wenzhou, with his parents living in Yiwu for more than 10 years. Two people can come together, thanks to a common friend xiaoding. Ding Xi is Yiwu people, 23 years old, she is Mr. Tung’s high school students, but also miss the good bestie package. The relationship between Mr Tung and several high school students often party Ding several times to miss go, two people have to know. When the engagement, Mr Tung bought a lot of gold jewelry in his hometown of Wenzhou, including rings, bracelets, anklets. Usually, Miss Bao put these jewelry in the closet drawer. Last month, one day, Miss bag opened the drawer looking for jewelry to wear, found two gold rings gone. "Because the doors and windows of the house have not been pry marks, I thought she put in other places to forget, but also relieved that she might not find the next time, and did not care too much." Dong said. 4 pm yesterday afternoon, Miss Bao went to the closet drawer looking for jewelry, the results also found a gold bracelet and a gold Anklet disappeared. "It was two times since I lost something, and I’m sure it was stolen." Bag lady said. Subsequently, she dialed 110 alarm. Thick city police station analysts believe that the wardrobe drawer gold jewelry and not all stolen, and four pieces of jewelry stolen in two times, the possibility of acquaintance is relatively large. Dong said that in accordance with the analysis of the police, then only often come home to play the most suspicious of high school students. Stretched hands of thieves turned out to be the "matchmaker" after investigation, the police think the biggest suspect ding. Last night, the police summoned her to the police station investigation. At first, Xiaoding has not admitted stealing gold jewelry, and later through the patient’s ideological education patiently, and ultimately admitted the theft of the facts of the crime. According to Ding explained that she used to work in a residential area in Yiwu Zhao milk tea shop, recently quit the job. She lives in Zhao Zhai District, close to Mr Tung and miss home, so often go to visit. Every time she wore and placed the gold jewelry, Miss Bao did not hide from it. Xiaoding said she was two times the crime time is around 3 pm. This time, Mr. Dong and his parents are not at home, only miss bag alone at home. "The first crime is a day in the middle of August, Miss Bao happened to go to the kitchen, the second time yesterday, Miss bag to wash fruit for me to eat." Xiao Ding said. The two time after committing the crime, Ding quickly put the gold jewelry to Beiyuan Street shop a fence. "Two gold rings sold 3200 yuan, a gold bracelet and a gold Anklet sold 10700 yuan." Xiao Ding said. According to Mr. Dong and miss bag, these are.相关的主题文章: