Yongzhou two men kick open the door to steal money only because of money online (video) nlite


Yongzhou two men kicked the shop theft because money online original title: just because of money online Qiyang two man kick shop theft net Qiyang on October 24th news for cash strapped, money online, Hunan Qiyang two men actually kick shop door, burglary. October 22nd, Liu was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention by the public security organs, the man Dengmou also suspected of another case, has been detained by public security organs. September 5th at 9 am, Qiyang County Public Security Bureau police station police on duty on the road to pick up the police, said it was located in the county of a snack bar was a market, cash and cigarettes stolen. The police conducted a survey of the site, and through Mopai investigation that Liu major crime suspects live in Wu Xi Zhen Hong Keung street. When the police summoned him, found that he had fled. October 22nd, the police after a follow-up investigation, the night in the county a cafe, the Internet will be Ryu and his partner Dengmou arrested. The investigation, Liu and Deng are "netheads". No money online, two people partnership theft. September 5th at 2 pm, Liu and Deng flees to the county in a market in a snack bar, with the feet kicking down the door, entered the shop theft of cash and furongwang cigarettes, such as areca, involving the value of more than 800 yuan. (net correspondent Li Huisheng) Yongzhou recommended Video: "good" man to help the elderly to operate ATM machine secretly transferred pension card相关的主题文章: