Zhang Ziyi recalled Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon tears Ang Lee finally gave me a hug rainism


Zhang Ziyi recalled Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon tears: Ang Lee finally gave me a Sina entertainment news local time on September 15th, Zhang Ziyi [micro-blog] at the Toronto Film Festival "and Zhang Ziyi dialogue" activities, the scene recalls the story behind many masterpieces of the. In an hour of conversation, Zhang Ziyi full in fluent English to answer, from time to time to play a little sense of humor, a few degrees amused the audience. In the "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" in 2000, Zhang Ziyi was choked tears, bluntly when Ang Lee did not give her a hug, made her very sad. "" Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon "in China took six months, every day I set much more than ten minutes, so the director gave me a hug, every day he will give Zhou Runfa a hug, hug to other actors, but is not hug me. There are rumors that Ang Lee is not satisfied with me, I am very sad. I told him the assistant said, could you arrange me and the director a car ride to the studio, I want to talk to him. We go to the studio for almost 45 minutes, I was very nervous, afraid to speak to sit in the car, watching the studio is in front, don’t say no chance, I would say, director, I want to talk to you. The director said I know, I’ve been waiting for 40 minutes. I said I was sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with me, and then I began to cry. He said no, that’s not true, he said I was hard, but he didn’t say I was fine. That chat, we just took a month, there are five months behind, I think the director will change will give me a hug, but not. Until the party after the shooting, he finally gave me a hug, I cried." When it comes to this, Zhang Ziyi could not help but red eyes. She also recalled the scene in "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" and played Michelle Yeoh, is weapon injury to the thumb, the nails are gone, she did not cry, but also to continue shooting, did not expect to be hurt to the same place again, so she couldn’t help crying like a baby. "I just don’t want to give me any opportunities for people, speaking of reasons why I so disappointed" spell, Zhang Ziyi said: "because I am not the first person for this role, so I want to prove that I was the one." When Zhang Ziyi went to the Cannes Film Festival as a judge, he met with Ang Lee again to eat with him, and at that time, the second time, he hugged him. "When there are ten meters, he opened his arms, I cried," now recall, Zhang Ziyi said with a smile: "this is probably one of his little trick, is a way for him to train new actors, never let you feel relaxed, can always make you feel nervous." Zhang Ziyi commented that Ang Lee was like a tiger in a teenage fantasy. "You like him, but you’re afraid of him." (Jing Yawen) statement: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: