Zhejiang intends to apply for 115 provincial management cadres involved in the main city Ningbo coun incubus


Zhejiang intends to apply for 115 provincial management cadres involved in Ningbo county leaders 10 people yesterday, the CPC Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued the "Zhejiang province intends to promotion and appointment of province tube leading cadres before their appointment notice", will be promoted to important positions or quasi new assignment Chen Jin 115 comrades to the public, for the majority of the opinions of the masses, cadres. At present, the city, county, township three levels of the province is in an orderly manner, according to the list of publicity, the 52 counties to be changed, the number one, to be nominated for the district (county, city) long candidates for the 63. Hangzhou 17, Ningbo, Wenzhou, 17, Jiaxing, Huzhou, the world’s top 6, Shaoxing, Jinhua, the world’s top 11, Quzhou, Zhoushan, the world’s top 8, Taizhou, the world’s top 12, the world’s top 11, the world’s top, the world’s top 10. Zhejiang online reporter statistics, the appointment and promotion of 115 cadres were all born after 1960, 56 people were born after 1970, accounting for more than 48.7%, 18 of whom were born after 1975. In this list, the youngest is currently Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhoushan, Dinghai District mayor Zhuang Jiyan, born in July 1977, the CPC Zhoushan municipal Party committee secretary dinghai. The young male cadres is the CPC Huzhou Municipal Committee of Wuxing Deputy Secretary (Directorate), Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Xisaishan Resort District Party committee secretary Chen Jiang, born in November 1976, to be nominated for mayor of Wuxing District of Huzhou city. The list shows the number of cadres of high cultural quality, 70 people (including the graduate school graduate, postgraduate), accounting for more than 60.9%. Provincial Party committee clearly highlight the "lion type cadres guide, repeatedly stressed the need to" dry lured, making use of focus on performance. The publicity of the cadres are mostly grass-roots leadership and work experience at the grassroots level through solid experience. 23 of them have Yuanjiang Tibet aid work experience sichuan. The list includes 13 female cadres, accounting for more than 11.3%. 3 of them after the 60, the 10 person after the 70. The following is the Ningbo county (city) District — Zhu Mengxing Zhu Mengxing, Party Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to be nominated for Ningbo city Haishu District candidates. Male, Han nationality, born in September 1966, Zhejiang, Ninghai, joined the Communist Party of China in October 1989, in July 1986 to participate in work, University degree. Former Ninghai County Qiantong town party secretary, chairman of the National People’s Congress, road town party secretary, chairman of the National People’s Congress, County Planning Bureau (bureau) secretary, County Planning Bureau (the Bureau, bureau of Statistics) director, director of the county development and Reform Bureau and the Bureau, county committee, deputy secretary, administrative law the county magistrate, deputy magistrate, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, deputy director of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau monitoring technology (attachment) and other staff. Lin Yalian Lin Yalian, the incumbent Vice Minister of Organization Department of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee (Chairman), director and Secretary of human resources and social security bureau Party committee, proposed CPC Ningbo Zhenhai District secretary. Female, Han nationality, born in October 1966, Zhejiang, Ningbo, joined the Communist Party of China in December 1986, in August 1987相关的主题文章: