Zheng Shuang replaced fan management exposing star support group (Figure) – new chaos in sweets parade


Zheng Shuang replaced Fan Jie Star support group management chaos (Figure) – Beijing show stills in new network on 25 October, recently, Zheng Shuang fans fan club fans in the event Public opinions are divergent. big shake, is divided into two factions live show "good night, each one sticks to his argument, the circle of friends" exclusive to connect some stars round, bright people of all kinds of chaos know the secret support of fans. Earlier friends said, Zheng Shuang’s fans club administrator of the fans is not open, the proceeds of circulation no details, not only suspected of misappropriation of more than 40 thousand fans also had embezzled funds, public funds into the club The Grand Hotel etc., so Zheng Shuang personally call to replace their fans club management group, Zheng Shuang micro-blog. Also issued a document to confirm the news, for a time Zheng Shuang fans circle is quite turbulent. It also exposed the star fan base in the management of confusion, and the black box operation space, the real situation how? "Goodnight" circle of friends exclusive connection some stars support group insiders, many netizens revealed their insider, such as club management is not from the us choose and mostly are related to or have the right to speak "; club president general is the old fans to play, even by star brokers James; club through the concert or conference activities such as the size of fund-raising for the star project, and fund-raising is a sensitive topic between the pink head, raising when there will probably be an open and transparent list, but also the existence of fans management pocketed the phenomenon, a source said the day seen little meat was raising group vote for a final vote Award, found spending and fund-raising number discrepancy, club administrator lost, absconding event. In fact, a similar fanclub black history, is not the first time appeared in public view. Song Zhongji fans group had been blasting corruption, confusion accounts; right fans will also have to buy concert tickets, was Pit 1 million 280 thousand…… Fan clubs emerge in an endless stream of negative news that "good night" circle of friends, CNR Haiyang host Oprah said, "the current entertainment fans economic development more and more vigorous, more and more fans are willing to directly participate in the process of manufacturing the idol, but no matter who you are fans, we all hope you fans should be cautious, especially when it comes to money".相关的主题文章: