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Zibo welfare love helping poor families in Linzi district to send aid hope Sohu – poor families stranded in love, hope to send welfare. In October 14th, Zibo City welfare center to the Civil Affairs Department of Linzi District, Linzi District, Xindian Street office visit into three destitute families, respectively, they sent 5000 yuan relief funds and rice oil and other supplies, to help them through the difficulties of life. For this special family, but not from welfare care, is supporting their strong life force. Happy families, the hostess suffering from ovarian cancer, the son also had a car accident, resulting in paralysis of the body, welfare staff to see it all in the District of Linzi Xin Dian Jie Dao Zhang Chengcui home, my heart is full of sadness. The morning of October 14th, the Zibo City Welfare Center staff to the Xin Xin Dian Jie Dao community, this trip to aid is 56 year old Zhang Chengcui. Zhang Chengcui is Linzi Tianhe Plastic Co. Ltd. of retired workers after retirement, the monthly pension is not much, but life is happiness. Unfortunately, one after another, first is Zhang Chengcui himself found suffering from ovarian cancer, has spent more than ten million yuan, is still in the hospital for chemotherapy; then, the 31 year old son is young but suffered a car accident, causing paralysis in bed. I can not go to the class now, there is no income, thanks to her a little pension, child disability a little subsidy, can only rely on the party and the people’s government!" Zhang Chengcui’s husband is now to take care of Zhang Chengcui Niangliang, speaking of the situation at home, do not feel choked.   "I sent you on behalf of Provincial Welfare Lottery Center 5000 yuan of public aid, in the future there are difficulties we will also can help you, hope you can establish the confidence to overcome the disease, to get out of the trouble." When Fucai Center staff will love money and supplies love to Zhang Chengcui hand, she thanks constantly. Farewell to the Zhang Chengcui family, the Zibo welfare lottery center staff immediately came to visit Yu Jia Cun Xin Dian Jie Dao, Niu Xingguo lived here. The 49 year old Niu Xingguo, was an older single men, has been living alone after the parents died of illness. It is good, a few years ago, can find a job in the construction site, earn a living, but now they have diabetes, due to complications is very serious, the body thin skinny, lost the ability to work. A few years ago to make all the savings are used to cure, and now the family is very difficult. Zibo City Welfare Center staff will help and relief items to Niu Xingguo, and wish him a speedy recovery.   when the welfare staff came to Linzi District Li Jiwen Wang Xin Dian Jie Dao mountain home, his wife struggling to give him the turnover body. Looked at the sweating wife, Li Jiwen’s face is full of guilt: "to be honest, I was in good health, our house is still very good, did not expect an accident that my legs were paralyzed, also let his wife for his broken heart." Li Jiwen said that three years ago, when he was working on the unfortunate fall from the upstairs, legs lost consciousness, the treatment of all the family spent all savings, but also owed the debt. His wife in order to take care of the long paralyzed in bed, he has no work, plus.相关的主题文章: